Fibreglass Process

The Eco-Trailer in-house fibreglass department process all of our high quality bodywork.

This ensures quality control, efficiency and flexibility.

Fiberglass car trailer

All of our gelcoat and resin is formulated specifically for our trailers by AOC Resins.


Our bespoke gelcoat offers;

  • UV Stability – No fading or damage from sunlight
  • Anti-bio formula – Prevents the growth of algae and moss when stored outdoors
  • Bright white finish – Our trailers always look their best
  • Hard wearing – AOC gelcoat is tough and hard wearing, it┬áproduces a long lasting quality finish

AOC Resins offer;

  • Eco-Resin – Polyester resin is formulated using recycled content.
  • Rigidity in high temperature environments
  • Temperature resistance for winter
  • Sprayed in a controlled environment giving a perfect glass/resin ratio and minimal wastage


fiberglass car trailer